Planet Validator Node

Announcing the 🪐RadixPlanet Validator Node, now up and running with 0% fee promo

Our node offers the following features and benefits:

✅ PLANET airdrop rewards to stakers until we achieve 2% of total network stake

✅ Early staking IS beneficial, the earlier you stake the larger amount of PLANET rewards you get

✅ Rewards are proportional to the staked amount, The larger amount you stake, the larger amount of PLANET rewards you get

✅ Monthly rewards distribution of PLANET tokens to ALL stakers

✅ Validator fee is set to rise from 0% to a reasonable 2% after the promotion period to help covering node running costs as well as support and develop the RadixPlanet exchange

✅ The ONLY case the validator fee is expected to be raised above 2.5% is if the node exceeds 3% of total network stake, where an increase in fee will be used to deter further staking and improve decentralization.

Validator address: rv1qfppqvvkcyl5dd2ee6wr4ljp7kxrwlej8q4td5cd4gpc6wqylqt22wljdq5